Erin Jackson of EJR Group

Her position at EJR Group is to help cut through the complexities of development by organizing critical development information into a built reality.

Questions + Answers with EJ

1.    What do you love about your job?

Every day is different. With multiple projects at various stages, my day could involve anything from deal vetting and site planning, running team meetings, solving a design problem, and evaluating Contractor Payment Requests, and Submit Pay Applications to lenders.

2.    What was the best thing that happened to you last year?

Personally – After ten years in San Francisco, moving to the North Bay and getting a dog.

Professionally – Getting to see one of the deals EJR Group initially found and vetted receive their building permits. We just started construction.

3.    What is the most important thing people should know about you?

I have a creative design mind but also love processes. At EJR Group, we serve as a single point of contact between designers and contractors, take brilliant design ideas with construction teams, and plan how they will all work together to create something beautiful in the correct sequence that fits me. 

4.    What is the most important to your mental health?

Nature, the outdoors, has always been used to reset when needed.


Biggest Ambition

Don’t be afraid to be heard. Ask questions and be involved. 


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