3 Reasons Why to Hire an Owner Rep

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Top 3 Reason Why You Need EJR Group

1.    Reduce Development Over-Load/ Time Saving.
Our services are for commercial real estate owners and tenants whose existing team does not have the required depth of resources to manage all the development project components. We serve as an extension of their staff, allowing our clients to focus on their core business without distraction.
2.    Reduce Financial Risks with Fewer Errors/ Mistakes.
We know each project’s critical components, allowing us to catch things before slipping through the cracks. When mistakes are made, we know how to correct them quickly to minimize schedules and budgets.
3.    Essential Leadership.
We serve as a single point of contact between designers, jurisdictions, contractors, and owners. We take all these brilliant design and construction teams and implement a plan for how they will all work together to create something beautiful in the correct sequence.
We guide our clients through the lifecycle of their development projects, protecting their interests at all times.


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