How to Select a General Contractor

How to Select a General Contractor

In CRE Development, working with a contractor is a way of life. Therefore, selecting a good General Contractor will improve the Construction process of any Development project. Things you will need before selecting a General Contractor:1.    Set of Construction Documents for an accurate Bid, the more detailed, the better2.    Have a Schedule with a projected Start Date3.    Construction Financing queued up A simple guide on how to select a General Contractor and set everyone up for success:1.    Local Contractors are a great way to start. They already have relationships with the Jurisdiction, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, etc., in the area.2.    Find at least (3) different reputable contractors3.    Make Sure the Bid is broken down into the AIA format.4.    Ask for a copy of their insurance5.    Ask for a copy of their license6.    Ask for Construction Schedule After you get all the information, compare, ask a more detailed question about your specific project, your team will have a decision to make. The General Contractor who gives you the most detail, answers your questions well, and feels the most comfortable for you is the right choice, which isn’t always the lowest Bid. The next step after bringing on your selected General Contractor onboard is Construction Management. To ensure your General Contractor builds a quality project within our budget, you must assign a construction manager.


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