Jim Roachelle of EJR Group

His decades of work in private development and helping clients navigate government at the local, state, and federal level uniquely positions EJR Group to help lead our clients to genuinely successful projects.

Questions + Answers with JR

1.    Whom do you admire most?

People that take chances. One of our clients took an opportunity to build during a pandemic; we will have a 14-acre Shopping Center with Small Industrial in the back fully completed in late 2023.

2.    What was the best thing that happened to you last year?

Personally – Attending my son’s college graduation. Kids that made it thru school during a pandemic are refreshing.

Professionally – Constructing the first (3) three buildings in the 14-acre Shopping Center during a pandemic.

3.    What is the most important thing people should know about you?

I love solving problems. That’s what EJR Group does. When we come up with a creative solution to a situation that nobody thought of makes my day.

4.    What is the most important to your mental health?

Running and traveling are grounding activities that put all things into perspective.


Biggest Ambition

“Humor! We are in a serious, often stressful business involving millions of dollars, major deadlines, and unexpected complications at every turn. But, if we can add a little more fun to the situation, we still get the job done and still have a little fun.“

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