CRE Development Management Solutions

Our Approach

EJR Group provides a unique service to the CRE development community, serving as CRE developers and guiding clients through every project stage. Our innovative solutions integrate project constraints, market conditions, and financial objectives. Acting as a single point of contact, we plan how contractors and designers will work together in the correct sequence.


EJR Group is a combination of Erin + Jim’s names, and diverse backgrounds in planning, design, architecture, and development provide immense value to our streamlined approach, ensuring an experienced and thoughtful ally to protect our client’s investments.




Being truthful, transparent, and ethical, regardless of the circumstances or potential consequences. It involves maintaining integrity, adhering to moral and ethical standards, even in difficult situations, and ensuring that all parties are treated fairly and respectfully.


Prioritize our clients' interests and act in their best interests, even when not in their best interest. They are transparent and trustworthy, earning respect and confidence of their clients and colleagues

Hard Work

We work rigorously until our client's needs are met, leveraging our expertise and resources to reach objectives. We don't stop and are willing to push boundaries to reach project milestones.

A Bay Area Business

EJR Group is a San Francisco Bay Area CRE developer headquartered in Oakland. We are committed to our clients and communities with every project we take on. Part of our client’s success is also delivering success to the community they operate in. We always look to take progressive steps to ensure a positive impact on the environment and neighborhood.


Because Development is Complicated