CRE Development Management Solutions

Our Approach

We started our company to provide a unique service to the commercial real estate (CRE) development community. We understand how complicated commercial projects are and can serve as your CRE Developers to help throughout the entire project. We prepare and execute a strategy for each project, integrating project constraints, market conditions, and financial objectives into innovative solutions.

EJR serves as a single point of contact between contractors and designers. We take all these brilliant design and construction teams and plan how they will work together in the correct sequence to create something beautiful.

Our Clients are making a significant financial commitment that needs experienced, skilled, dedicated, and thoughtful ally to protect that investment. We’re your CRE developers who ally and navigate through the complicated process, so you don’t have to.

EJR Group is not only a combination of Erin + Jim’s names but of their background of talents and experience; Erin’s planning + design and Jim’s architecture + development. Each brings something different in immense value to our projects, consolidating the traditional ideal of cross-discipline collaboration into a streamlined approach.



Development projects are a huge undertaking, not just financially but also operationally. We make our clients feel like they are getting the care, attention, and professional counsel they deserve.


Our leadership creates solutions before any impacts on the project. We are skilled at how to explain controversial and complex issues while managing relationships with government agencies, lawyers, engineers, contractors, architects, occupants, etc. involved in the project. We stand by our decisions.

Hard Work

We work rigorously until our client's needs are met, leveraging our expertise and resources to reach objectives. We don't stop and are willing to push boundaries to reach project milestones.

A Bay Area Business

EJR Group is a San Francisco Bay Area CRE developer headquartered in Oakland. We are committed to our clients and communities with every project we take on. Part of our client’s success is also delivering success to the community they operate in. We always look to take progressive steps to ensure a positive impact on the environment and neighborhood.


Because Development is Complicated