Development Solutions

For Property Owners, Tenants, and Investors


We provide full-cycle guidance and protection to commercial real estate owners, tenants, and investors in all aspects of CRE development. Our depth of experience, resources, and connections enable us to manage all development components, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. EJR Group's comprehensive CRE Development Services are available to support your next project, whatever your role.

Property owners

Our group works closely with the developer or owner to ensure the project meets their goals and objectives and is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.


We offer a comprehensive range of tenant-related services, including site selection, space acquisition, lease negotiations, and tenant improvements.


We have assisted our clients through a wide array of transactions and helped them to create concrete asset value growth.

  • Initial Property Visit;
  • Analyze Existing Conditions with a local General Contractor input;
  • Confirm all Jurisdictional requirements, processes and potential fees;
  • Leasing Assistance (Prepare Tenant Void Analysis and Review Market Lease Comparables);
  • Review Existing Building and Site Reports provided by Seller or Owner;
  • Market Data and Analysis (Sales/ Lease/ Demographics/ Hard Costs);
  • Preliminary Development Site or Building Plan;
  • Prepare a Master Project Schedule;
  • Build and Monitor a Comprehensive Project Pro Forma to analyze constructibility and Project Returns;
  • Provide advice regarding potential project pitfalls and suggested solutions.
  • Serve as a single point of contact between Owner, Tenants, and Design Team;
  • Sourcing and Qualifying A&E Project Team;
  • Management and Coordination with A&E Team and Tenants;
  • Manage the Master Schedule and Permit Submittal Process;
  • Attend Jurisdictional meetings / public hearings;
  • Quality Control (Review Permit Drawings and Specifications);
  • Jurisdictional coordination and permit processing;
  • Management of Real-Time Cost/ Invoice Management (provide Monthly Soft Cost Reporting and Cash Flow Projection);
  • Monitor Project Pro Forma.


  • Serve as a single point of contact between Owner, Contractor, Design Team, and Lender;
  • Management and Award of Construction Bids;
  • Contract Negotiation and Administration;
  • Constructibility reviews and Value engineering;
  • Manage General Contractor (On-Site Oversight / Daily Construction Monitoring); 
  • Manage the Construction and Tenant Delivery Schedule;
  • Attend Jurisdictional Construction Meetings;
  • Attend Regular Project/ Site Meetings;
  • Manage Construction Loan (Evaluated Contractor Payment Requests, Submit Pay Applications to Lender);
  • Monitor Project Pro Forma and Cash Flow Projections;
  • Provide Monthly Hard and Soft Cost Reporting;
  • Oversee Project Close-Out.

Because Development is Complicated.